Wednesday, December 19, 2007


David Wain has an internet TV show called "Wainy Days" that is really funny. It has millions of special guests like Michael Ian Black, Elizabeth Banks, Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Fogell/McLovin from Superbad), Martin Starr (Beard guy from Knocked Up), etc. There are about 15 episodes so far, they are only about 3-5 minutes each. You should sit down and watch them all right now. I think the latest episode comes out this Friday. Here is Episode 1 to give you an example.

Silly right? Totally.
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Yesterday I watched The Kingdom and The Heartbreak Kid. The Kingdom was great, Jamie Foxx did a great job and even though I usually don't care for political thrillers this movie made everything pretty clear as well as having some great action scenes where you could actually tell what was going on.
Heartbreak Kid
was better than I expected. I didn't really like There's Something About Mary so I didn't expect this to be any good either. There are the typical shock humor moments that really aren't very funny but if you get a chance to see this movie for free (like I did) go ahead and take it. There are some bro twins who are kind of funny in it, maybe just because they're twins/bros (I mean bro like fraternity brother, not like biological brothers because that's implied by them being twins).

Once again, you should all listen to the Creative Screenwriting Podcast. It is fascinating to listen to writers discuss their breaking-in stories, how the studio (or independent) system works, and everything else you'd want to know about writing a movie. Go to iTunes and search for Creative Screenwriting in the Podcast area. Hostel Parts I and II are on there, Brick, The Kingdom, X-men 3, and probably about a hundred or two more.

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