Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I Forgot

Yesterday when I said that I was going to send out query letters soon, I forgot that the writer's strike is still going on which probably means that even if production companies and literary agents were accepting queries or specs that it wouldn't be a good idea for me to pursue them right now anyway. So for now I will continue to write and hopefully have a stockpile of work to show once the strike ends.
I'll try and register at least one of my scripts right after Christmas so that I'll have something to talk about. I have one in mind that is about 100 pages and has pretty good structure. Registering a script with the WGA costs $20 and although it isn't airtight for defending your ideas if a lawsuit were to come up, it provides a date for when you registered so if your opponents date is later than that you'll hopefully win.
I've never registered a script before so I'd like to talk to someone with experience before I do. I might e-mail my directing teacher to get the basics about it.
My last day of working at Blockbuster went fine, I got to rent movies for this week. I'm excited to see Eastern Promises because A History of Violence was so good.
When do Academy Awards nominations come out? I still have a lot of movies to see before they do.
Out of the Golden Globe nominations for Best Screenplay I've only seen No Country for Old Men but it was awesome. I'll probably see Juno soon (maybe today) which was written by Diablo Cody (a pseudonym) who is an ex-stripper. I hope one of those movies wins.

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