Sunday, September 12, 2010


Youtube contacted me and one of my videos (from four years ago) has enough views to be eligible for revenue sharing with Ad-sense, meaning they're going to put ads after or before my video and I earn money based on viewers clicking the ads, or something like that. The video has over 66,000 views, but then again, it's been four years.

Just FYI the video is called Phone Sex? It's a comedy skit about a guy (played by me) who calls a phone sex hotline but his fetish is that he likes the ladies to be fully clothed and he enjoys when girls put clothes on. It's silly, there's some mild sexual innuendos, whatever, it's not for everyone, but the random people who have seen it on Youtube have responded to it. It's no Yelling Goat though.

I don't think I'm going to be able to quit the day job quite yet, I doubt if I'll make more than a few dollars from the ads. I also added ads to this blog because it's all through Google and I already have the account for Youtube, yada yada. But hopefully when I get these webisodes set up they can get some good views on Youtube.

I have another video on Youtube, again from four years ago, that I think is way funnier called Picture Frame. But again, that's not for everybody.

Yesterday I went to my manager's softball game and met Jamie Foxx. My manager plays on J. Foxx's production company's team. I hate to keep name dropping Jamie Foxx but he is a man that can get things made. I gave one of his guys a treatment for a movie and a comedy TV show spec, hopefully they read it/ enjoy it.

Also at the game I overheard a familiar voice talking, I looked up and who did I see but Money Mike from Johnson Family Christmas Dinner. That's the second actor from one of my screenplays that got produced that I've seen in real life just out and about. I talked to him for a while and we might play some basketball, it turns out he's in the same league I'm about to start playing in but a different division.

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