Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I put up that picture in my blog title for a couple reasons, 1) it's silly, 2) it adds a little color to the page when you first arrive, and 3) it seems like an apt metaphor. I'm chasing a carrot that is just out of reach but I put it there myself. No one told me that I had to work at night and pursue my screenwriting career during the day but here I am (I've actually had a day or two of a break to do errands and visit Ash at school but the rest of the week I'm back in writing mode).

The picture by the way is a screenshot from True Motivation, a video I did for some contest several years ago that I didn't win. At 47 seconds into the video there's a shot of my back and you can clearly see a large mole that I've since had removed. I also drank several raw eggs for the video even though it looks like I edited around it.

The other night I went to a Channel 101 screening. It was awesome and I hope that once the web series I'm working on is edited that maybe it will fit with their programming. You can watch the videos that are currently a part of the 'network' here and watch my friend's super funny yet canceled series Co-Workers in a Barely Different Dimension here. Channel 101 has a couple claims to fame but I first heard about it through The Lonely Island's series The 'Bu which you can find on The Lonely Island's Youtube along with a bunch of other good stuff. You might be burnt out on I'm On a Boat and stuff like that but there is some awesome Lonely Island stuff out there still to discover.

Other than that, life is great. I can't believe it's almost October.

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