Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I made some additions to the ole blog. I added some links ->
I updated the "My Life in LA" section, my IMDB My Movies list is being updated daily, I have some new credits on my page on IMDB, and just some cool stuff like that.

I have some fun job prospects coming up at the end of this week that I'll talk about if it actually happens but this past week or so I transcribed for "Intervention" and I also got some work on a show that's not a show yet so I can't talk about it.

But, today is (might) be the day the other movie I wrote for Nu-Lite/ BlackChristianMovies.com comes out. It's actually more confusing than I would have imagined. The release date is either May 12th, 2009 (which is today) or May 19th, 2009 (which is a week from today) and the title is either:


It's like one of those 'find 5 things that's different between the two' awesome mind puzzles!!

Weird stuff. My screenplay was titled Pastor Jones Preaching to the Choir, then one of the idea men jazzed it up by droppin' the G and makin' it Pastor Jones Preachin' to the Choir which I wholeheartedly support. But this Heavenly Voices business? Whatever, I'm not sure where you can get this movie yet except that I know that for all of you with Netflix you can go here: Pastor Jones Heavenly Voices

Other than working hard I've been watching a lot of movies, mainly really bad ones. Twilight was ridiculous. They couldn't get more makeup to cover the "vampires" necks and hairlines? It looked like Halloween '08 with all those Jokers walking around. The dialogue was dumb, that dude every girl sices wasn't even attractive looking and he had a wussy voice. And the baseball game...what?

The Spirit sucked, Lakeview Terrace was some buns, Ghost Town was meh. I keep trying to catch up with these 2008 movies when I should be watching good movies from other years as opposed to trying to see everything I missed (probably for the best) in theaters.

I am also watching "The Wire" Season 5. So good. So far my favorite part was when the kids went to Six Flags. "Where's Fairfax?" lol.

So, I'll have a busy weekend/ next week but I'll update you once it's done and/or I have some real info.

75 days until me and Ashlea's wedding! So weird to say that but I'm so excited. Who knew? I wonder to myself if my friends/family think I've changed a lot or am super weird for getting married already or that something happened to my brain or something. I'm still regular Pete, I'm just making grown man moves.

This has already been a strange, long, full, mish-mash of a post, but, just to make it more multi media:

Classic Pete.

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