Thursday, May 21, 2009

The past 7 days in a row I was a production assistant on "American Idol." They needed extra PAs for the finale and Jonathan hooked me up. It worked perfectly with the little "Intervention" hiatus that was going on with transcription minutes, so that was awesome. I turned in some rush minutes they had for me on the 13th then reported to the Nokia Theater for Idol the 14th and worked until yesterday. Jonathan asked me if I was interested in the job before I knew about the lack of minutes for the week or two and I thought that it would be a cool change of pace anyway. I like to switch it up every once in a while.

The job was great. There were some drawbacks of course, I never had a call time later than 7am and for like 3 days in a row my call time was 5am. I worked at least 12 hours each day and worked 16 hours the last two days, which were show days. But other than being draining and long the job was pretty good as far as jobs go. I got to drive the "American Idol" Expedition around LA, meals were deliciously catered (sushi!!), the money was pretty good especially with overtime, and stars were walking around like crazy.

Over the course of the rehearsals and show days I saw: all the idols, gave the nods to Kris, Adam told me he didn't want any ice in his dressing room, got an energy drink for Anoop and I initiated a pound with him, saw all the judges, Seacrest, David Cook who has a pedophile beard...

that Bikini Girl or whatever (I never learned what her deal was), Carrie Underwood, Kiss, Lionel and NICOLE!!!! Richie, Carlos Santana (I tried to buy a case of that Santana Champagne too, jk, anyone?) Jason Mraz which I think I was the most excited about cause his two latest songs have cranked but sadly he has a pedophile goatee, Queen Latifah (actually looking kinda good, I didn't see her perform but just walking in in regular clothes), I tried to help Matt Giraud (I have NO idea who that dude is) find his iPhone with the Louis Vuitton case, I watched Rod Stewart perform live in the empty theater at rehearsal, I loled at Daughtry because there weren't any cold Diet Cokes for him, he had an extreme pedophile soul patch), and most likely if they were on the finale I saw them hanging out at some point. I tried to avoid David Archuleta cause he was always hanging around for like 3 days talking to everybody and looking like a slightly older Oliver Beene.

I'm in a picture with Adam and Kris when they're walking to the stage from their dressing rooms wearing the white outfits they had on for the first song. A guy snapped a picture and I was right behind them, it would be awesome to somehow find that.

The thing that was most amazing to me was that people actually cared about "American Idol." I haven't watched the show since Ruben (who was there last night apologizing for 2005-9) and I don't have regular TV at all right now but the buzz is crazy. The line to get into the shows and rehearsals was around the theater and around the block. I was listening to Seacrest on the radio and people were calling in to talk about what Adam was going to wear...who cares? A billion people apparently.

I didn't get to see most of the show last night cause I had to drive somewhere for the show but did you see that "music video" brought to you by Ford. It would suck to be an American Idol, you have to immediately sell out. This isn't it but you get the idea:

They're rich though...worth it?

But yeah, so I'm chilling out for the next couple days and getting more "Intervention" work next week.

Why does Eminem sound like Don't Mess With the Zohan on his new CD?

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