Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Guest Blogging, The End. Of Contacts - Episode 3, etc...

I recently guest blogged on a cool, more popular blog than mine here at Amanda the Aspiring Writer's blog.  I wrote about my journey so far, in general, and more specifically writing Direct-to-DVD movies. Check it out and follow that blog, it's interesting and she gets a lot of insights from different people in different aspects of screenwriting as well as her personal journey.

This is a great episode of The End.  I'm really looking forward to our Thanksgiving episode though.  We had a great shoot day for The End. over the weekend.  Remember to check for a new episode every Sunday.

The End.'s Producer and Star, Bryan Mayer, answered some questions for the Slebisodes Web Series Guide's Actor's Corner.

All this Web Series excitement has got me thinking of my own premise, I'm outlining it now in between other projects and my day (aka night) job.

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