Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pastor Jonesin'

I got a copy of Pastor Jones Preachin' to the Choir yesterday and watched it last night and I have to say, it wasn't that bad!!! This makes me really excited that I can actually tell people that I wrote this movie and I'm semi-proud of it. Sure the audio isn't the best, it's ultra low budget, and there are some other flaws, but the story, a good amount of the acting, and the movie overall is pretty good. A lot better than the other movie I wrote for Johnson Family Christmas Dinner. If I was the "Mad Money" guy and this was "Arrested Development" I would officially move Nu-Lite from Sell to Don't Buy, but since I'm not I'm going to say see this movie.

The beloved Pastor Jones is grappling with yet another crisis affecting his church. The inability of the Pastor's church to pay off a loan has placed his famed choir at risk. In order to save the choir Pastor Jones must bring together its two lead members, sisters Tammy and Louise, who have been at odds. Both women find themselves on an emotional collision course over the future of the choir, all while seeking the approval and attention of the pastor. Pastor Jones must remind the church members that pride is a sin, a sin that is tearing the choir and church apart. The choir enters a local competition that has a surprising effect on Pastor Jones' parishioners. Can the competition bring camaraderie to the church, salvage the faltering group, and save Tammy and Louise's friendship?

I'm excited that the synopsis is actually correct this time.

Hopefully my movie be available on Netflix at some point but I know it'll be at Wal-Mart and other stores May 12th, 2009. So go pick up Pastor Jones Preachin' to the Choir.

And released on the same day, from the director of the 2006 classic Kidney Thieves, check out The Grudge 3 "This time it's Japanese people in Chicago!" (may not actually be the official tagline). I may sound sarcastic, but I actually am going to hopefully do a Grudge trilogy for that.

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