Saturday, April 4, 2009

Marching on

I gave up blogging for Lent, that's why there hasn't been a post in a long time. Just kidding, but I have been preoccupied lately. Ash and I moved in all of her stuff to our new apartment a weekend or two ago and I moved in most of my stuff over the past couple days so my computer has been in a box recently. I have always said 'home is where your desktop computer is.' That's why LAFSC didn't count for really living in California yet because I still had a room at my parents' Cheverly house.

Our new place is awesome, Ashlea is going to take pictures of it today and either she or I will post them on one of our blogs today or soon. It's a two level townhouse-style apartment in Van Nuys. Pretty big kitchen with lots of cupboard space, hardwood floors, big living room, carpeted stairs and upstairs, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and you can see the mountains from our windows. So far I'm loving it.

Kenny just visited, he was a trooper about helping me move some stuff on his vacation. But we also got to have some fun, we went to Venice for his first time. Hung out, watched Let The Right One In. It was awesome to hang with a good friend for a couple days out here. The one thing California is missing is my family/friends.

Alright, I know what you guys really read the blog for, here it is: I saw Andy Dick at the gym (rehab must be going rough for him), I saw Micheal Chiklis (from "The Shield" and he's The Thing in Fantastic Four) coming out of a CVS with presumably his family, and I saw this same girl twice at the gym who I swear is Dakota Fanning but obviously she looks different from the Uptown Girls DVD cover. Kenny made the good point that it's probably her because what other 15 year old girl would go to the gym 2 days in a row in the early afternoon besides Dakota Fanning? You know she has to get into New Moon shape. She can't play vampire baseball the way she was.

Ashlea and I come home for a week, we fly home on Monday. We do have a lot of wedding related stuff to do but hopefully we'll be able to do some visiting with people also. If we don't end up having time don't worry, we'll be home for most of July (Ashlea probably longer than me) so we can get some good hang out time in then after we have everything planned.

Film news: not too much, I got a short produced by SmartReels, a company my roommate Jonathan started. Hopefully that will be posted somewhere soon. You can watch the first one I wrote for them at: it was shot in HD but when it was put on the internet it lost quality so just imagine it looking a lot better. The actor who plays the guy in the car is my friend Bryan Mayer who I met through my roommate Rick at LAFSC. He recently got into SAG so congrats to him. Other than that, Pastor Jones Preachin' to the Choir is supposed to come out in May. When I see that I'll decide if I'm going to write for Nu-Lite again or not.

Also, keep watching "Intervention." There are some great episodes coming. I'm going to keep working for them hopefully at least until right before the wedding.

For laughs, here's Ashlea and my first picture taken together EVER!!

And here's a more recent one:

I guess you can't see our faces too well in that one but you can tell we've changed a bit. I think we both have much better haircuts now. Especially me.

Alright, time to do Saturday stuff. See you soon.

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