Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I was browsing The A.V. Club and saw that the trailer for Moneyball was released. I knew one of my writing partners, Phil Pote, was involved in Moneyball in some way so I watched the trailer and he's all over it! He even has a line! He's the guy who says "Who's Fabio?" 32 seconds in.

So awesome.

Just a reminder, here's the synopsis for the screenplay we wrote together (we're still trying to sell it so if you're interested...)

Baseball's First Lady
Co-written with veteran Major League Baseball Scout Phil Pote
Jacqueline "J.R." Raines, mid 30s, coaches softball at a Southern California high school. Her grandfather Solomon "Salty" Raines, 70s, is a baseball scout for the Los Angeles Stars. When Salty has a stroke and J.R. loses her summer job she takes his place and becomes the First Female Major League Baseball Scout.
Her early days as a scout are plagued by betrayal and self doubt, will she have what it takes to find the next big bat or hot hand? Or will her male peers destroy her before she has a chance?
WGA # 1454965

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