Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I'm Batman.

I had a great meeting last week with a Producer to discuss my latest feature assignment.  This Producer acted in in one of the films I wrote for Black Christian Movies, loved the script, and contacted me a month or two ago to hire me to write her a script.

She came to the meeting with a brief synopsis and we talked about it, I had some questions, we signed a short agreement, and she paid me the first installment of my fee.  I'm excited about the project not just because I'm getting paid and the project is on track to get made, but it's an awesome story that's going to be fun to write.  It is an example of good work begetting more work and jobs leading to jobs. 

I also went to a recording of the Fanboy Comics podcast I've been talking about a lot on here lately.  I have continued writing sketches for them.  You can subscribe to the pod on iTunes via the link in the sidebar.  You have to listen to this week's episode though, I wrote the sketch and I play Batman.

I had another acting gig last week as well.  The crew of The End., me, and a couple other crew members have been shooting a comedy sketch-fake trailer thing for a while now.  I haven't had too much involvement because of my fatherly duties, but the other night some of the crew came over and shot a couple scenes.  I will definitely be posting that when it's edited.

More sketches on the way, more info about my writing assignment on the way.

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ashlea said...

don't forget that your son is in the short too - his first acting gig! what a pro.