Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Peter L. Huber Joint

So I found out yesterday that Walk By Faith 2: After the Honeymoon, a movie I wrote, was released on DVD at Wal-Mart on January 11th, the release date for everywhere else I think is still February 8th.

Along with Nora's Hair Salon 3.

So, after work last night I drove to a 24 hour Wal-Mart to buy a copy of my own movie, which I didn't mind doing, it was an adventure. I had asked the Producers for copies and they said they didn't have any yet and I couldn't wait to watch the movie to see how it turned out.

On the back cover of the DVD it says Written By Peter L. Harmon, which is so cool to me, it's written in that standard movie credits font, awesome.

Then, I put in the movie and the first thing I see is that the movie is written by Peter L. Huber!!!! They didn't really misspell my name as much as just use a fake different silly name instead of mine. At this point I'm sure it's too late to do anything about it, in the opening and ending credits a lot of people's names, as well as simple words like Background, are misspelled.

I'm not too mad, it says the right name on the back cover and IMDb, Ash and I have been joking about it all day. The thing that does suck though is that the movie is actually pretty good, good acting, shot well, lit well, it actually looks good EXCEPT for my name in the opening credits. What I'm saying is so close to being an entirely positive experience.

Oh well.

There are some exciting projects brewing, as well as some writing I'm doing for myself because it's fun, that's how it started and how it's supposed to be.

The other day Orlando Brown called with an idea for a movie that he wants me to write for him. I outlined it, we talked about the outline on the phone and he's into it, we're hopefully meeting soon to finalize the outline, talk about possible payment(!), then I can write the script.

I also talked to an actor from Walk By Faith 2 last night, he said that he loved the script I wrote. It's rewarding for people to respond to things I've written and it helps me continue even though it's hard to work a full time job, have a family, and try to pursue something creative. January was tough but I think 2011 in general will be an exciting year (I mean, I know it will because Christian will join us in June, but I mean writing wise).

For my birthday this year (I'm turning 25, which is crazy) I'm going to screen one of my new movies that I wrote, I probably wouldn't get to see them on the big screen, or with an audience, otherwise. If you're friends with me on facebook the invite is here.

In conclusion, this is an awesome still from the The End. episode I acted in.

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