Sunday, October 17, 2010

Thanks to everyone who's been sending congratulations to Ash and I, we have been blogging to our baby here.  I think that blog has more readers than this one!

My producer on Nora's Hair Salon 3 tweeted this picture a few days ago.  I'm not sure if this is the official DVD cover art or what it is.

I watched the rough cuts of the episodes of The End. that we filmed.  I'm excited to put out the first episode hopefully around Halloween.  You can follow The End. on Twitter and Facebook.

There are a lot of additions I want to add to my blog including basically an E-Query that I can direct people to that has a list of my produced and spec screenplays, what stage they're in, WGA #'s, etc, etc.  I also found a website called Scribd that hosts PDFs so I can actually post some scripts directly on my blog.  I obviously won't put works in progress up, but produced screenplays and shorts and things like that I can.  It will be interesting (to some) to see what I originally wrote and how it was translated to the screen.

Look for all of that soon.

I think, I thiiiiink, that I might also start weighing in on screenwriting questions that I see on other screenwriters' blogs.  As you can see I've added a Blog Roll to my blog of other screenwriters/ filmmakers and when I'm reading their posts I feel like I have some insight and in some cases I'm further along in my "career" because I have produced work, a manager, and I've had many meetings with producers, actors, writers that I can draw from.  That will also be a cool feature that will break up the simple updates about what script is doing what.

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