Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Beginning of The End. (Webseries)

I changed the template of the blog up a little bit because the template I was using was too old and I couldn't adjust it the way I wanted to.

Now I can post videos better, which is perfect because the first episode of the web series I'm directing was released today!

The End. Web Series - Episode 1 The End. Of Gossip

Find The End.
Blip TV

We hope to release one every Sunday, keep checking back for more info!! We have a great crew and the episodes we've already shot are awesome, we have a bunch of great scripts ready too.

Feel free to go to the blog and click the ads (don't hesitate to click my ads as well). And any feedback on the show is appreciated. Also, if you're in LA and you want to help in any way: craft services, acting, promotions, anything at all, let me know!

I'm also adding a set of buttons to the sidebar so you can get to The End. easily.


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