Wednesday, October 28, 2009

So "Intervention" has picked back up and I've been working very steadily on my minutes.

I also worked as, what they call in 'the industry' around 'town,' a day player on "Criminal Minds." I filled in for an Art Department Production Assistant for a day at the "Criminal Minds" office/ set. I basically got people food and looked for jobs on the internet all day but I made a surprisingly alright amount of money for one day.

This may sound like I'm an idiot, I mean I knew this existed but I wasn't sure in what capacity, but the Art Department is awesome. If I knew how to use any illustrator type programs I would try to get into it. The Art Department does a lot of stuff, but what I thought was the most awesome, and this is the part that might make me sound dumb, is that whenever there's anything in the script like a brand or a company or product, etc, the Art Department gets to name it and design a logo for it. I do some of that in my screenplays already, for free!!

This is actually real though:

It makes T-Pain saying that he wants to buy you a drank and take you home with him a lot creepier.

Also, today I had a job interview at an office. That's all I'm gonna say about it for now, you know how I don't like to say anything about anything before I actually have any news. The interview went well, I'm really good at those sort of things like the interview to be a director of one the LAFSC films. If they offered me the job I would have to consider A LOT of things about my current lifestyle. What to do with Summer during the day? (Dog walker?) Do I mind traffic every day for an hour or two? (Not if I have mah podcasts) Can I wear dumb t shirts to work? (Maybe) And other things like that. If I got/ took this job I would have to schedule time to write still because ultimately I want to be a screenwriter, not a professional this-job-that-I-interviewed-for-today-er. The office was really cool and the gentlemen that interviewed me were great though, so we'll see.

My writer's group is starting back up tonight as well after a couple month hiatus. Looking forward to that, I'll probably get some Pinkberry tonight even though it's chilly out (for Southern California at least).

And in reference to my last post, all those feelers I put out for the different jobs, I haven't really heard anything back from any of them except for that interview I was waiting to hear about, which I did get the interview, and now we wait...

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