Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"Intervention" has been slow for the past 3 work days so I've been trying to network/ promote myself in all kinds of ways. I applied to a job at Netflix that sounds like the perfect job, watching movies and writing analysis about them, I'm assuming so that Netflix knows whether to carry them or not. I applied for a script coverage job. I sent my scripts to some people. And I entered The Happenstances at the Yellow County Community Swim and Racquet Club the Summer Before Last into the 2010 Beverly Hills Film Festival Screenwriting Competition. I also did some writing on my latest script. So I've tried to keep busy and maybe something will come of the feelers I put out there. I'm still waiting to hear from the management company that was interested in one of my scripts and I'm still waiting to hear if I got an interview with this company that does DVD distribution.

However, I usually send out all kinds of feelers and don't really get any responses so I'm not super optimistic about any of the above. Today I am picking up minutes from "Intervention" and I hope that they'll continue to have work for me since that's a great job.

Summer is 4 months old today!!

She went from this little baby:

To this slightly bigger baby:

She's even outgrown her raincoat!

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