Monday, September 14, 2009

I went to the Los Angeles Film Studies Center for my last semester of college in the Spring of 2008. There I had an internship at Mr. Mudd (Juno, Ghost World), wrote a feature for a screenwriting class, and directed a short film called Jasper. All of that is chronicled on this blog in the archives to the right ->

The LAFSC is part of a Christian Study Abroad program called Best Semester.

Best Semester has a magazine and the Fall 2009 issue has a big ol' article about me in it.

The link is here. Or, if for some reason you have a subscription or can get your hands on a Best Semester magazine, I'm on page 26 and 27 of, like I said before, the Fall 2009 issue.

The article is basically about how I directed a short film at the LAFSC then turned that into a job writing the low budget features I wrote for Black Christian Movies, but check it out. I think it's crazy and funny and cool that I have an article written about me even if it's in Best Semester Magazine and not GQ or Dog Fancy or whatever.

Also, my buddy Rick has a website. I'm adding it to my list of links to the right -> Hire him, or at least watch some of his movies.

If anyone else wants me to link to their site or blog or short film or whatever, let me know here or on facebook or something.

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