Monday, September 28, 2009

I don't think I'm going to use any names, yet, but let me say a couple things.

Last week I sent out what are called Query Letters to about 10 to 15 literary managers/ agencies. The purpose of a query letter is to get an agent or manager to represent you and try and sell your script or set you up as a writer on a project that is in development or something like that. My query letter said I have two direct to DVD features sold, some info about me, and three pitches for screenplays I have written and registered with the WGA. I didn't expect any sort of response but I was just gonna put myself out there and see what was up.

So here's what happened:

On the good side of things, a smallish but seemingly semi-reputable management company/ talent agency was intrigued by one of my scripts and asked me to send a copy to them to read. They should have received the script on Friday or early this week. I'll keep you posted on that. Best case scenario they would want to represent me and help me get screenwriting jobs and that would be awesome.

On the other end of the spectrum, I got a phone call from a private number from a fast talking gentleman who was interested in another one of my scripts. I'm not going to go into too much detail, yet, but he wants to represent me, all I would have to do is send him a $600 advance... As soon as he said that I knew he was shady. When I got his email I looked him up on IMDbpro and his resume was not impressive. Then I googled his name cross indexed with "scam" and dozens of links popped up, not a good sign. Needless to say I am not going to send him any money. I sent him a nice email saying that I would not be sending the "advance" but that he could still read my script if he wanted to and if he liked it he could represent me (which I'm guessing none of those things are going to happen), I was very polite even though he had just tried to rip me off.

If he tries to push the issue or is a jerk to me I'll let you know, that would be semi interesting.

Other than that: Summer and Ash are very well, Intervention is cranking along, and my brother is visiting this coming weekend which is gonna be fun.

I also saw Jesse Eisenberg from The Squid and the Whale and Adventureland at Trader Joe's.


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