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Peter L. Harmon's E-Resume

Peter L. Harmon
Resumes available in .doc form and hard copy as well.
(Updated June 1st, 2010)


Los Angeles Film Studies Center, Spring 2008
• Studied film direction and screenwriting under industry professionals
• Introduction to the Film Industry

Towson University, Towson, MD
• Bachelor of Science in Electronic Media and Film with a Creative Writing Minor
• Graduated May 2008 Magna Cum Laude – 3.6 Cumulative GPA
• Member of the Towson University Honors College
• Dean’s List – six of eight semesters
• Extensive Course Work in Film Production, Screenwriting, and Writing Fiction

Work and Related Experience

Nu-Lite Entertainment/ Black Christian Movies Screenwriter for Hire, June 2008 – Present
• Sold three feature screenplays: Johnson Family Christmas Dinner (released on DVD 12/9/08) and Pastor Jones: Heavenly Voices (released on DVD 5/12/09). Another direct to DVD release currently In Production.

"Intervention" and "One Man Rehab" A&E and GRB Entertaintment, Logger, May 2010 - Present
• Logged footage for the benefit of the Story Department and Post Production Staff.

"Bridezillas" WeTV, Transcriber, March 2010 - Present
• Transcribed OTF interviews for the benefit of the Story Department and Post Production staff.

American IdolFOX, Production Assistant, May 2009 (Season 8 Finale) - January 2010 (Season 9 Auditions)
• On set production assistance including: Runs, still photography, crafty, anything to help the production run smoother.

Intervention” A&E, Transcriber, September 2008 – April 2010
• Transcribed raw footage for the benefit of the Post Production staff.

Jasper Director, Co-Writer, Spring 2008
• A short film shot in High Definition, featuring Justin Grant Wade (“Arrested Development.”)
• Premiered at the Pickford Center for Motion Picture Study.

Mr. Mudd Production Company Intern, Spring 2008
• Wrote coverage and notes for scripts, answered phones, ran errands, conducted research, data entry, completed office tasks and odd jobs.

Unique Learning Center Paid Intern, Summer 2007
• Wrote and taught a film curriculum to inner-city high school students.
• Taught students to conceive, write, and shoot short films.

Related Skills
• Proficient on Macs and PCs: Word/Pages, Excel/Numbers, PowerPoint/Keynote, Internet, Blogging, etc.
• Extensive Coursework and Experience on Avid
• Studied screenwriting under Kris Young (WGA) and Michael Angellela
• Studied directing under Nathaniel Starck (A&E's "Intervention")

* References available upon request.



Johnson Family Christmas Dinner

This comedy drama focuses on the trials and tribulations that a family goes through, always reconnecting over Sunday dinner. As a mother and father observe the sometimes difficult events of their grown children's lives, they have to pick when and where to become involved. From Alex, who opened a failed restaurant with her husband Sam, to Robert Jr. who's just welcomed a new baby into the world, the dinner table sees its share of laughter and tears, but over time each family member learns that they depend on each other to get through it - even when they're at each other's throats.
(Plot summary from

Pastor Jones: Preachin' to the Choir alternate title Pastor Jones: Heavenly Voices
The beloved Pastor Jones is grappling with yet another crisis affecting his church. The inability of the Pastor's church to pay off a loan has placed his famed choir at risk. In order to save the choir Pastor Jones must bring together its two lead members, sisters Tammy and Louise, who have been at odds. Both women find themselves on an emotional collision course over the future of the choir, all while seeking the approval and attention of the pastor. Pastor Jones must remind the church members that pride is a sin, a sin that is tearing the choir and church apart.
The choir enters a local competition that has a surprising effect on Pastor Jones parishioners. Can the competition bring camaraderie to the church, salvage the faltering group, and save Tammy and Louise's friendship?
(Plot summary from and


All specs have been registered with the Writer's Guild of America, West Registry. For a .PDF of the following scripts email

The Happenstances at the Yellow County Community Swim and Racquet Club The Summer Before Last
Finalist in the 2010 Beverly Hills Film Festival Screenplay Competition.
Jonathan, a total loser who secretly lives in the guard house of the local community pool, must train a team of misfits, including a struggling artist with webbed toes, a timid teen with a concave chest, and the beautiful heiress of the Comfort Inn fortune, to win the Tri-County Relay Race and save the club from being run by a management company that only cares about money. The management company hires a relay team of ringers including a girl with a prosthetic dorsal fin and a man named Carmichael Schmelps who looks suspiciously like a certain Olympic gold medalist.

Addicted To You
Jake, a producer for the Intervention style documentary show "Confrontation," is devastated when is longtime girlfriend tells him she's cheated on him the night he set to propose. He goes into depression until his next "Confrontation" shoot. When he gets to the documentary subject's hometown he meets a girl named Amber and falls for her instantly. He continues to the subject's house and finds that Amber is the addict he's supposed to be documenting.

Love Bites
Twilight meets Superbad, if Twilight didn't suck (no pun intended). Drake, your average teenage vampire, falls for Julia, the new human girl at Vincent Price High School. Julia's not looking for love, she's still having trouble adjusting to her new town, a monster friendly community in Pennsylvania. Even if they did hit it off, Julia's father, a monster-racist, would have a few things to say about his daughter dating "one of those bloodsuckers, or flesh eaters, whatever they do for fun."

Suicide Watch
A dark comedy, Charlie, an utter failure of a screenwriter, wants to kill himself but when he calls to quit his dead end job at movie rental store Popcorn Movies he is informed that he has to put in a two weeks notice. Charlie sighs and gets ready for his shift that night. He decides that he’ll spend his final two weeks figuring out how best to kill himself by enlisting advice from his co-workers under the guise of researching for a screenplay he is trying to write. Can a beautiful suicide hotline operator make him change his mind?


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