Tuesday, June 3, 2014


I blogged a couple months ago that I had posted my screenplay Raw Footage on The Blacklist website.  After a couple months my screenplay was only viewed a handful of times and never rated.  Now granted, it's mostly because I didn't pay for any of the site's recommended evaluations, but still having my screenplay sit stagnant on the site but being charged $25 per month wasn't super fruitful to me.  I could have spent $50 in addition to the $25 monthly charge but I did not, so I acknowledge that I didn't use the site to its fullest potential but I did want to give the site a test run before sinking hundreds of dollars into something that didn't necessarily advance my screenwriting career.

Who cares?  You might be asking.  I just wanted to say that I am currently writing a very promising screenplay with a gentleman that I met and see eye to eye with, I'm working a ton in the reality TV realm, and a movie I wrote When Sushi Met Saki is hopefully going to festivals/ being distributed at some point this year.

So instead of devoting $25 per month to something that may or may not pay off I have decided to donate monthly to Operation Smile, a charity that "provides free surgeries to repair cleft lip, cleft palate and other facial deformities for children around the globe."  In this case, at the end of a year, I know that my money will have been used to give a child a better life, in the other case, I could have just thrown away $300 in a relatively selfish pursuit.

I'm sure people have/ will find massive success using The Blacklist, but right this moment I can't justify the expense.

I am optimistic that the hard work I'm putting into both my screenwriting career and my reality TV producing career will pay (and already has paid) off.

And hey, here's the logline for Raw Footage, if you happen to be or know a producer that wants to make a low budget thriller that has only a handful of locations and characters that blends traditional story telling and found footage elements, let me know, haha!

Raw Footage
Zach thinks he's being hired to review footage for a new reality show but soon becomes an unwilling participant in a deadly, voyeuristic game that is being caught on camera by a maniac.
WGA # 1641246

Other than that, I'm going to continue producing and writing.

Thanks for reading this.

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