Tuesday, April 30, 2013

When Sushi Met Saki

Right now, in Tokyo, the cast and crew are finishing shooting a movie I wrote called When Sushi Met Saki.

I got the gig through Craigslist!  I sent in an email and the Producer called me for an over the phone job interview of sorts.  He sent me a movie that he had previously produced, I watched it, and we met.  I got the job and we spent 6 or so months writing the script.  I outlined, he gave notes, I did several drafts, he gave notes and sent ideas and I incorporated them (or occasionally argued as to why I didn't want to).

When I started writing it I worked at night at "Intervention" so I would work at night and write during the day when I wasn't with Christian or catching up on sleep.  Then, I got a promotion and started working during the day so I had to adjust.  You would find me on my laptop during my lunch break, writing a couple pages a day.

So I finished the script and sent it in, the Producer had already done a lot of the Pre-Production, including visiting Japan a couple times to get a crew and scout locations.  He would send me casting videos and I got to weigh in.

One actor who auditioned was one of the leads on one of the most popular after school TV shows in the 90s, he did a good job but didn't get the part.

The cast was set: Jonathan Scherr, an American actor who was in the popular Japanese movie My Darling Is A Foreigner, Itsuka, a Japanese music artist, and Jason London from Dazed and Confused.

And they started filming mid-March.  They've been updating me and I've gathered together the pictures they've posted in one album here.

I'm excited to see the finished movie and then go from there.

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