Thursday, April 15, 2010

Night One

Last night was the opening night of the 10th Annual Beverly Hills Film Festival.

I walked my first red carpet.

Along with some other, actually famous, people like Billy Zane, Andie MacDowell, this super handsome guy named Matt Dallas who played Kyle XY in Kyle XY, Larry Hankin aka Mr. Heckles from Friends, Shannon Lucio aka Lindsay from The OC, and more. I linked to the pictures from the event.

The night was sponsored by a Iced Tea flavored Vodka brand, that had its pros and cons. The after party was at The Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, at the Tropicana Bar.

Watch the first season, episode 5 of 90210 where they have the after school play party, that's where I was at. Luckily it was $8 beer night.

I talked to the Managing and Sponsorship Director and he said that there were 3,500 screenplay submissions for the contest. I am one of the 210 that made it into competition. That's a lot more submissions than I expected which makes it a bigger deal for me.

I guess I'll also say officially that I have management now from Titus Production and Management. They currently represent Orlando Brown, a rapper named Paypa, and some other talent and ME! They came with me last night to support me.

Having a manager is a huge step, I'm really excited.

So, back to the festival tonight. After party at Wonderland.

I have to find more things to wear that I own that don't make me look really poor. It was a struggle last night.

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Brian said...

Hey Pete, that's SO RAVEN