Friday, March 12, 2010


Yesterday I sold another script to Black Christian Movies.

I'll update you when I know the official title, release date, anything like that. I was only paid a couple hundred dollars once again but I'll have another DVD you can buy in stores or rent from Netflix or Blockbuster or something.

They want me to do another one soon and I pitched them one of my several ideas for them and they basically said yes.

As far as the 2010 Beverly Hills Film Festival, I've received enough donations to pay for one of the tickets to the Awards Night Gala and some money towards the other ticket. My bud Rick is going to let me borrow his tuxedo if it fits, that's an awesome donation because that could have been a large expense.

The proceeds from some t shirts I put up on eBay will go to attending the Awards Night as well and probably a haircut cause I need to look sharp.

If you still want to donate:
BY CHECK send me an email to and I'll give you my address
PAYPAL use the 'send money' feature and send the money to

If you're on Facebook, search for the event: Send Pete to the Beverly Hills Film Festival to follow the event and see what's going on with it specifically.

I thank everybody who has already donated, it will be an awesome experience and if you come to California you can stay with me for free anytime. Let me know before you show up though.

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