Sunday, June 7, 2009

Facebook, I don't know if you've heard of it yet, it's just starting up, I don't think anyone really has one yet or anything

You can friend Black Christian Movies (dot com!!!!) or become a fan of Pastor Jones. Also, you can follow PastorJonestv on Twitter which I don't do Twitter so whatever.

Coming to television, does that mean the budget is going to be smaller?

But enough about me, Wale and Lady GaGa's music video for Chillin' which talks about DC and PG and a lot of it takes place at Ben's Chili Bowl and the Madness store haha. That's awesome.


Brian said...

Saw that video before. It's great.

M.O.M said...

LOL @ the Budget Getting Smaller....I Thought That Meant Pay Raise! LoLz.

Facebook, Is Xing out Myspace. Thats The New Crack, Haha.

Friend Them.....Really? R You? Haha ; ) LoLz Smh.

I Haft To Thank YOU!!....I Finally Know Who Lady Gaga Is...Bout Time Smh. :)

Congrats On The New Project. GOD BLESS!

Pete said...

Brian - you're always one step ahead of me.

M.O.M. - I did actually friend them!!! haha. if nothing else just to see what they're up to next.

Do you have anything in the works currently? I still need to see your Nu-Lite production!!

M.O.M said...

That's A Good Idea! You Use Your Real Name On Facebook? I Might Have To Change Mine & Do It Incognito LoLz. Never Let The Evil Forces Know You Know What They're Up To ; ) Hahaha LoLz.

I Did A Queen Nefertiti Project For Them. IDK What's Going To Happen With That.

And The Nu-Lite Production? You Know Something I Don't....Last I Heard They Didn't Do Anything With It. IDK Anything Else. Ur My Insider...Shh I Won't Tell! Im In NY So I Know Nada.